The Fabulous Spinning Hanukkah Card

It’s a holiday greeting card, a spinning pop-up Hanukkah menorah. Turn the wheel and flames are revealed. Mails with a matching note card and envelope.

Spinning Hanukkah Greeting Card

Growing up in Southern California, I was able to partake in a cross-pollination of cultures. Back then, I handmade a spinning Hanukkah card for my step-dad. In 2019, I decided to fund the professional fabrication of the cards by way of Kickstarter. We reached the funding goal and shipped cards to our supporters in September.

To see the video I put together

The process

the process turning Chanukah Holiday paper

First, I had to create a number of miniature prototypes, improving on the structure of my original idea. I wanted Spinning Hanukkah Greeting Card that could mail in a standard card envelope, it needed to incorporate a simple pop-up stand, and, of course, it needed to have an internal wheel riveted. Once I perfected the prototype, it was time to create the artwork…something that had to map to the pop-up structure.

prototyping with Walter rotating Hanukkiah Greeting Card
Working on the prototype with Walter

I’m an art director, so working with the printer on client projects was nothing new. But I have been wanting to start producing some of my own projects and making them available to people. So I used this project as a way of launching Trunkfish, a place to for fun ideas, interesting visuals and creative whims. This involved ramping up for YouTube, Kickstarter, WordPress, Shopify, Mailchimp, Facebook, etc. It’s been a winding road, for sure, but I will always be proud of this cheerful Hanukkah pop-up. It’s what put Trunkfish in motion!

Spinning Hanukkah Greeting Card at the store

A7 size (7in x 5in) . . . . . includes matching notecard & envelope

the set
The Set
back of the card
The Back
The Kickstarter proposal video


  • Special thanks to the Sholem Community
  • My old friend Tom, a founder at New Deal Distillery, helped support this project greatly
  • Am I too old to accept support from my dad at the McCloud Hotel? I think not…
  • What about my mom and my Aunt Janet? Why not? But no links…that’s not the world they live in
  • Special thanks to Judy Weston, author of Acting for Directors