Flameless Hanukkah Menorah

It’s a flameless Hanukkah menorah. Slots at the top allow you to flip the little flame pieces from “unlit” to “lit”. Made from lasercut wood pieces that fit together and stand up.

Flameless Hanukkah Menorah Wood Hanukkiah Chanukah Chanukiah

This is in development. I created this 2 of these as an extra reward for the top Kickstarter supporters of the Fabulous Spinning Hanukkah Card. I engineered a way for it to be created all from flat pieces, cut from balsa wood. I intended them to have a natural wood look, but when I received the pieces from the vendor, I was disappointed because their laser left scorch marks. So I created a stencil and painted one blue on silver, the other silver on blue (shown).

Possible next steps for this beta project

  1. Explore using a different wood (or different vendor), fine-tune the sizing of the slots.
  2. Painting them was actually fun. What if this was a paint-it-yourself item?

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